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Have You Shifted to Living Online?

Abu Noaman, in his recent blog post about “The Age of eMarketing” states as the sixth reason for the paradoxical rise of eMarketing spending: “Most importantly, prospects and customers have shifted to living online”. Is he crazy?  Do you believe this? Well, are you reading this blog post?  Think about it: are you living online?  […]

Big Game Survey Results

To view the updated results of the Big Game Survey please click on the page above marked ‘The Big Game Survey Results’.

The Importance of a Marketing Calendar

Companies start the new year with all sorts of  commitments.  One commitment that we hear on a regular basis is the commitment to send out a newsletter regularly.  There are countless  sources that tell us to stay in front of our clients/potential clients.  I think every marketer will agree that sending a newsletter is a […]

The Big Game Survey Results!

1: Big Game Cheering: I’ll watch the Big Game because my team is playing    (55%) I’ll watch the Big Game because I enjoy watching football  (27%) I’ll watch the Big Game for the commercials      (2%) I’ll watch the Big Game purely for the social aspect – it will be on everywhere    […]

Big Game Survey Results to be posted by 1:00 PM EST

Check back soon.

Ennect Creates Big Game Survey to Collect Super Bowl Facts

It’s estimated that 130 million people will watch the Super Bowl on February 1.  According to some Super Bowl facts, the big game ranks as America’s number one annual at-home party event.  But why?  Are viewers die hard football fans, ad aficionados, halftime-only watchers, or simply devoted to chip and dip?  To find out, Ennect,  […]

Survey to Launch

Ennect will soon be launching a Super Bowl Survey titled the ‘Big Game Survey’  (since we  really are not permitted to use the words  ‘Super Bowl’ without the permission of the NFL). You’d be right in assuming, of course, that we created “Big Game Survey” using our very own Ennect Survey tool.  Ennect wants to […]

Plugging into Tag Clouds

What is a tag cloud? Essentially, a tag is a descriptive word or phrase used to identify subjects in a piece of media (blog, video, audio, etc.), and a cloud of these tags allows the tags with the greatest frequency to show larger (more pronounce, obvious, bolder, etc.) than the lower-frequency tags. What does this […]

Online Opportunities for Event Promotions

Want to boost attendance at your next event? Build relationships with prior attendees? Attract media exposure for your event and your organization? Whatever your goal, finding ways to capitalize on the reach and influence of online marketing and media channels should be paramount in your next promotional campaign. Here are a few strategies to consider […]

Online Surveys Done Right

For many small businesses, hiring a market research firm to solicit information may not be feasible. However, that does not mean companies should go without gathering the necessary information they need to do business. A common solution is to use one of the many online survey software tools available to gather information and feedback. Here […]

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