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Lessons from Chicken Little

Posted on | December 19, 2008 | No Comments

We all know the story. An acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head. She mistakenly thought the sky was falling. She hysterically spread that fear throughout the land and panic ensued.

It appears that today we have an abundance of Chicken Littles heralding a great depression. Prompting frightened marketers to slash and burn entire programs.

Bad idea. In challenging times like this smart marketers don’t overreact. They remain cool. They are survivors who focus on immediate, measurable results.

Smart Marketers know the wisdom in the old saying, “things are never as good as they seem, they are also never as bad as they seem”. Today, smart marketers will optimistically work to achieve immediate sales so their brand is positioned for a greater market share as the economy inevitably improves.

All the best in 2009!


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