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Event Planning Software Used for Fun and Festivals

Posted on | December 11, 2008 | No Comments

Online registration is one of those tools that can be used in many different ways. Some people may think that event planning software is only used for conferences, seminars or major events. But, that is simply not the case.

We have a client that is a small local school. One of their big fund raising events this year is going to be a festival. The festival will be a week long and the school is actively recruiting volunteers to help with set up and work the booths. Managing volunteers, the times they can work as well as all of their contact information is an administrative nightmare.

The school will use Ennect Event to put up a marketing Website outlining the details of the festival. They will also outline, in individual sessions, the times and areas where volunteers are needed. From the marketing Website volunteers will be able to sign up online and choose the times and areas they wish to work. The school with then have all the volunteer contact information in one place and be able to manage where and when volunteers are needed.

The school will also be a able to cap the number of registrants per session. So, if there are too many volunteers signing up for a specific time and /or area, they can close that session and have the volunteer choose another session.

Putting together a week long festival is a major undertaking. This local school will need all they help they can get. We hope that by using Ennect Event it will elevate some of the headaches they are about to encounter.

Good luck to the entire team working to pull off this event!


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