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Who Really Knows the Words?

Should old acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind Should old acquaintance be forgot, And days of long ago [CHORUS:] For old long ago, my dear For old long ago, We will take a cup of kindness yet For old long ago We two have run about the hillsides And pulled the daisies fine, […]

Save Time with Email Newsletter Templates

If you’ve made a resolution to send an email newsletter to your clients and associates, here are a few tips to help you succeed: 1.) Choose a tool with already existing email newsletter templates. This will save time and eliminate the hassle of getting the actual newsletter designed. 2.) Split your list in half and […]

2009 People Invited to Share Hopes

The Parent company of our Ennect Products, Elliance, would like you to help us ring in the new year by sharing your warmest hopes and dreams with the world. Share your Hopes by clicking the image below:

Survey Best Practices

Several Ennect Survey customers have asked us for providing guidelines for successfuly crafting a web survey, maximizing participation and evaluating survey results. We have turned that into a small presentation for you. Enjoy and let us know if you have questions or suggestions. Survey Best Practices View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: survey […]

Lessons from Chicken Little

We all know the story. An acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head. She mistakenly thought the sky was falling. She hysterically spread that fear throughout the land and panic ensued. It appears that today we have an abundance of Chicken Littles heralding a great depression. Prompting frightened marketers to slash and burn entire programs. Bad […]

Which online tactics are marketers planning to spend more on in 2009?

The Survey Says…. 68.3 % will spend more on e-mail marketing 66.3 % will spend more on Web site development 50.0 % will spend more on search marketing 46.6 % will spend more on online video 46.6 % will spend more on social media Source: BtoB’s “2009 Marketing Priorities and Plans” survey

Ennect Web Survey Tool Bridges Qualitative and Quantitative Research

We have added a revolutionary data visualization view for text/verbatim responses. Let’s say you are about to present to a group of non-profits and decide to survey them so you know, in advance, what the audience would like you to cover. With the tag cloud view, you would get a quick answer like To our […]

Email Marketing Best Practices

At the recent Business Technology Conference in Pittsburgh, I presented ‘Email Marketing Best Practices’. I have posted my slides on Slideshare Email Marketing Best Practices View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: 101 of) . Enjoy it and give us your comments. Thanks.

Event Planning Software Used for Fun and Festivals

Online registration is one of those tools that can be used in many different ways. Some people may think that event planning software is only used for conferences, seminars or major events. But, that is simply not the case. We have a client that is a small local school. One of their big fund raising […]

All Eyes and Ears on Survey Tool

In response to a recent customer request, Ennect Survey has added more sorting features for viewing surveys in the admin panel. It seems like once folks use an online survey tool one time, they get addicted. This results in massive lists of active and inactive surveys. As a way to make these lists easier to […]

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