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Hungry for Insight

Posted on | November 28, 2008 | No Comments

Members of our Ennect team have just returned from speaking at the Ad Fed luncheon in Pensacola. It is clear that small business marketers are hungry for how best to use email and other eMarketing software devices. It is also clear that many marketing organizations are not developing effective email communications. We covered some of the best practices in email looking at how to create optimal email communications to customers and how it directly impacts open and click thru rates.

Small business marketers have to continually measure and refine their email campaigns in order to become successful long term. So, when marketers are looking for insights to achieve more effective communications, where do they turn?

Once people start using EnnectMail, they soon realize that getting insights is crucial to measuring the success of email campaigns. For example, EnnectMail offers deep insights that allow marketers to measure who the most actively engaged prospects and customers are at any given time. This happens through the use of the “Hot Prospects’ report, one of many reports in our Ennect tool. The Hot Prospects report allows marketers and their sales personnel to focus on the best customers. This type of information becomes priceless because it focuses companies on high return activities.

Email marketing has become a refuge for marketers during these tough times and is showing no signs of slowing. It continues to play a major role in the overall eMarketing mix.


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