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URL’s Important in Online Survey Software

Posted on | November 26, 2008 | No Comments

Sometimes the coolest thing about an online survey is the short little URL. Check out this URL from a survey I created moments ago for the purposes of this blog post:

Now, the cool thing with this URL is that the name of the survey, “Social Media Survey” is part of the string. This tells the recipient what the survey is all about. Unfortunately, the survey itself does not ask for the respondent’s e-mail address or any contact info, so there’s no inherent way to capture your survey respondents contact information.

There’s really two ways to capture that information: ask for it in the survey, or already have it and capture it via the survey distribution system, such as EnnectSurvey’s built in mailing component. The first method is less sure of success due to internet users desires for privacy, but allows for greater breadth of distribution and you can at least get geo-mapping data. The second requires an opt-in list of e-mail addresses and assumes a smaller circle of distribution, but will result in assured data collection. The key in the second is that respondents have received an e-mail with a tracking URL link embedded which will tie their response to a name in the e-mail database.

Please be sure that a generic URL, such as that at the top of this post, is not the URL you’re using in your e-mail…otherwise, you’ll lose the benefit of tracking your respondents via their e-mail addresses.


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