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Yammering About Mass Email Marketing Software

Posted on | November 25, 2008 | No Comments

You’ve heard of Microblogging, surely. That’s Twitter, the new blend of blogging, texting and community-building. Now there’s a new twist: moving the community in-house, within your company, family or some form of small group. That’s Yammer.

How can I say that Twitter, and now Yammer, can be lumped in with mass email marketing software? Easy – you’re communicating your idea to 10’s or 1000’s of others in quick, cheap “e-” fashion. How does Yammer fit in with this, if it’s intended solely for workgroup or company internal communications? Easy again: it’s another simple app designed to bring people together quickly, easily, which is making people comfortable with this type of communication. As they become more comfortable with this via Twitter, Yammer, etc., they’ll be more likely to be open to your marketing at them via this platform. Already on Twitter, I’m see advertisements for all sorts of digital services. Where’s yours?

A great place to learn about these microblogging forms of communication is this New York Times article, “Now, Brevity Is the Soul of Office Interaction“.


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