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Ennect Web Survey Solution Adds More Filters

Posted on | November 20, 2008 | No Comments

In a response to the needs of our clients, Ennect Survey has added a a few useful filters.

Filter out ‘partial responses’: when viewing survey results you can now choose to filter out the partially completed responses so you can view only the results of those who completed the survey.

However, one of the benefits of viewing ‘partial responses’ is to discover where your audience abandons the survey. This insiight is useful for improving future surveys.

Filter ‘radio matrix’ responses: This feature allows you to not include neutral or non-applicable responses so that you can get more accurate results from a question. Here is an example, lets say you have a question structured like the one here below…

The last response of N/A will skew your results when viewing overall response ratings. To get a more accurate result reading, you can now choose to filter out all the ‘N/A’ responses.

More useful utilities are on their way at Ennect web survey solution. Stay tuned.


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