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You Used an Online Survey Tool for That??

Posted on | November 5, 2008 | No Comments

The 2008 Presidential Election is behind us and all the political polling and surveying over for the time being, so why are surveys still relevant?

With year-end fast approaching, many of our organizations will be involved in the dreaded annual “employee evaluation” process. Not so long ago I worked for a ‘technology’ company and honestly received my annual employee review in the form of a stapled 4-page hard copy to be completed on my own. My boss had the same set of papers that he was to complete on my behalf. The completed paper packs were then reviewed side by side and the results and feedback were reviewed with me. The results of both paper packs were manually totaled and averaged out with a PENCIL for a final score on each topic. Does this experience sound like something you’ve encountered?

OK, let us jump into this century where the use of online survey tools is not limited to the political arena. Here are some obvious or not-so-obvious uses for online surveys:

1.) Employee Evaluations – any HR department will appreciate having results put directly into a spreadsheet!

2.) Staff Voting – deciding where to have this years holiday party, and which h’or dourves!

3.) Student / Teacher Evaluations – submitted by students at the end of a class or semester.

4.) Product Feedback – no matter what you sell, you need to know what your customers think!

5.) Web Site Usability – is your site as user-friendly as you think, just ask!

6.) Post Conference Feedback – no need to guess if your audience was pleased with the conference!

7.) Newsletter Registration – collect those names and e-mail address painlessly.

Stayed informed, go green and get the feedback you need to be successful!


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