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Hungry for Insight

Members of our Ennect team have just returned from speaking at the Ad Fed luncheon in Pensacola. It is clear that small business marketers are hungry for how best to use email and other eMarketing software devices. It is also clear that many marketing organizations are not developing effective email communications. We covered some of […]

URL’s Important in Online Survey Software

Sometimes the coolest thing about an online survey is the short little URL. Check out this URL from a survey I created moments ago for the purposes of this blog post: Now, the cool thing with this URL is that the name of the survey, “Social Media Survey” is part of the string. This […]

Yammering About Mass Email Marketing Software

You’ve heard of Microblogging, surely. That’s Twitter, the new blend of blogging, texting and community-building. Now there’s a new twist: moving the community in-house, within your company, family or some form of small group. That’s Yammer. How can I say that Twitter, and now Yammer, can be lumped in with mass email marketing software? Easy […]

Email Templates for the Holidays

Ennect mail has ‘Holiday Templates’ available for anyone who may want to send out their holiday greetings via email.  Although the templates are not displayed yet in all accounts you can still have them added to your account at no charge just email or call us at 866-435-1212. For fun holiday e-card ideas click […]

Marketing research just got easier with our tag clouds

The Ennect Survey team just added revolutionary tag cloud views for ‘Most Popular keywords’ and ‘Most Popular Keyphrases’ for verbatim/text responses. These provide an amazing short cut for marketing research. In the past, marketing researchers had to read hundreds of responses to analyze the patterns in survey responses. Now, with tag clouds, you can quickly see the key […]

Ennect Web Survey Solution Adds More Filters

In a response to the needs of our clients, Ennect Survey has added a a few useful filters. Filter out ‘partial responses’: when viewing survey results you can now choose to filter out the partially completed responses so you can view only the results of those who completed the survey. However, one of the benefits […]

The Holiday Season is Here!

It is hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving and then the holiday season will be in full swing. Last season we noticed some Ennect Event clients using our online registration tool for their holiday party. It seems so simple: put up a site, list the venue and set up online registration to track […]

Pre-seminar and post-seminar surveys

Debbie Shiring, our Event Strategist & Planner, habitually uses Ennect Survey in an interesting way. Prior to conducting a seminar, she uses Ennect Survey to discover the topics that interest the attendees the most. Right after the seminar, she sends a thank you note, a link to the presentation and a link to a quick […]

Best Kept Secret

Ennect Survey – 50% off annual subscription click here to check it out Use one of the most feature rich, user friendly online survey software tools for an entire year including unlimited surveys and unlimited responses for only $125! Sign up and pay before December 31st to take advantage of limited time offer.

Where, Exactly, Does New Media Fit?

That’s gotta be a question that’s nagging at you … and if not you, then at least your marketing and communications leaders. They are, after all, seeking to grease the rails of communication between your organization and your real and/or potential customers. Such greased rails will speed their ability to hear your message and your […]

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