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Online Event Management Software For Parents Weekend College Football Celebrations

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Online Event Management Software For Parents Weekend Football

Want to know how to successfully pull-off a higher-education parents weekend celebration with accompanying college football game on your campus? Here is the answer… Ennect Online Event Management Portal for higher education.

Ennect is the digital quarterback that will handle all event communications, online registrations, logistics and finances that will result in a 99-yard touchdown pass for your parents weekend and college football game event.

Here are just a few ways that Ennect Event helps university, alumni and campus event planners make their jobs more manageable:

  • Easily create your own custom branded event website
  • Provide online event registration for users
  • Send e-invitations to parents, family and friends
  • Display online schedules that attendees can easily access via mobile, desktop or tablet
  • Offer pre-order purchase options for school branded materials, like shirts and hats for the big game
  • Sell football and other event tickets through secure event website
  • Account for food and beverage selections
  • Manage transportation, parking and logistics
  • And more.

Ennect Event’s online experience is seamless and it comes with these great features and capabilities:

  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Receive Online Payments
  • Send Email Invitations and follow-up communications
  • Automate Registration Confirmations
  • Get Detailed Reports

Contact us today to learn how many of our higher education clients are using Ennect Online Marketing Software for campus events, mass student and alumni communications and class and program surveys.

Spike The Ball!
Register online for a free Ennect account and receive a 20% higher education discount on your purchase of Ennect credits.

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Emarketing Digital Marketing Trends, Social Media Disruptions and What is the dWeb?

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Digital Marketing Trends and Social Media Disruptions

Welcome to the Emarketing Blog Digital Digest. Here’s a collection of interesting tech and social media news that is currently buzzing across the global wires.

These technologists think the internet is broken. So they’re building another one. (NBC)
The dWeb, as the concept for the decentralized web has come to be known, is meant to take back power from powerful internet giants like Google and Facebook while also creating a more secure and private system.

Facebook user engagement keeps growing despite numerous scandals (cnbc)
Even though Facebook often finds itself in hot water in Washington and the media, users don’t seem to care.

The Inside Story of Twitter’s New Redesign (wired)
The web redesign isn’t just about making the place prettier. It’s also about sending a message to users: Twitter is listening to what you want—even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

Instagram is now hiding photo ‘like’ counts in 7 countries (cnet)
Instagram and its owner, Facebook, are working to ameliorate some of this stress by hiding how many likes your photos get from other users.

MLB’s first YouTube broadcast clocks 200,000 concurrent viewers (sportspro)
Nail-biting Phillies-Dodgers game also draws two million views on league’s official channel. The game, which ended 7-6 to the Phillies, was the first of 13 MLB fixtures to be shown exclusively live on YouTube, which announced a deal with the league at the end of April covering the second half of the regular season.

Google is redesigning its News tab with more emphasis on headlines and publisher names (theverge)
News stories are now displayed in a card format rather than a list, making headlines and the names of publishers more prominent.

Equifax to pay up to $700m in US settlement over data breach (
Equifax will pay up to $700m as part of a settlement with US authorities after a 2017 hack that exposed the personal data of close to 150m people whose most sensitive financial information is tracked by the credit reporting company.


Image: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Emarketing Digital Marketing Trends, Government Social Media Disruptions and Instagram Hackers Get Hacked!

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Digital Marketing Trends and Social Media Disruptions

Welcome to the Emarketing Blog Digital Digest. Here’s a collection of interesting tech trends, big government social media interventions, digital happenings and other interesting news items that are buzzing across the global wires.

Google CEO: YouTube is too big to fix completely (
Google CEO Sundar Pichai says YouTube is too big to completely fix the site’s problems with harmful content.

Amazon dethrones Google as top global brand: survey (Yahoo)
US retail giant Amazon has moved past hi-tech titans Apple and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand. The top ten world’s most valuable companies are dominated by Amazon $315 billion, Apple $309.5 billion, Google $309 billion and Microsoft $251 billion.

“Amazon’s smart acquisitions, that have led to new revenue streams, excellent customer service provision and its ability to stay ahead of its competitors by offering a diverse ecosystem of products and services, have allowed Amazon to continuously accelerate its brand value growth.”

Google Algorithm June 2019 Core Update (FastCompany)
The new Google algorithm was launched on June 3rd, and some publishers are already taking a big hit. Most notable among them is the Daily Mail, which reportedly complained about losing up to 50% of its daily search traffic as a result of this update.

Facebook to Unveil New Cryptocurrency (France24)
Facebook is set to unveil a bid to bring cryptocurrency payments into the mainstream, reportedly with the endorsement of governments and financial giants.

Twitter Takes Down Chinese-language Accounts Ahead of Tiananmen Square Anniversary (TechCrunch)
Twitter suspended a large number of Chinese-language user accounts, including those belonging to critics of China’s government just days before thirtieth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4.

U.S. Military to Trawl Through 350 Billion Social Media Messages (Yahoo)
The U.S. military plans to analyze 350 billion social-media posts from around the world to help it track how popular movements evolve.

Infamous Forum For Instagram Hackers Gets Hacked by Other Hackers (Vice)
A forum where hackers and cybercriminals trade stolen Instagram and Twitter accounts was apparently hacked.


Image: Ales Nesetril via Unsplash

The Emarketing Blog Digital Digest Spring 2019 – Digital Marketing Trends, Social Media Disruptions and Rouge Apple iPhones

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Digital Marketing Trends and Social Media Disruptions

Welcome to the Emarketing Blog Digital Digest Spring 2019 edition. Here’s a collection of interesting tech news, digital marketing trends, social media happenings, fake news and digital issues that are buzzing across the global wires.

Facebook Trust Ratings

Who Controls Your Facebook Feed ( Every time you open Facebook, one of the world’s most influential, controversial, and misunderstood algorithms springs into action.

No one outside Facebook knows for sure how it does this, and no one inside the company will tell you.

Learn more.

Google Privacy

All the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It (Wired): You’re probably aware that Google keeps tabs on what you’re up to on its devices, apps, and services—but you might not realize just how far its tracking reach extends.

Learn more.

The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs (The Atlantic): How a writing tool became the new default way to pass notes in class. When the kids in Skyler’s school want to tell a friend something in class, they don’t scrawl a note down on a tiny piece of paper and toss it across the room. They use Google Docs.

Skye, a 20-year-old from outside Boston, said that thinking about Google Docs chatting made her nostalgic. “Chatting on Google Docs is very reminiscent of when we were younger,” she said. And paper notes? “I haven’t passed a physical note to someone since fifth grade,” she said.

Learn more.

iPhone logo

It’s the middle of the night. Do you know who your iPhone is talking to? (Washington Post): On a recent Monday night, a dozen marketing companies, research firms and other personal data guzzlers got reports from my iPhone.

“This is your data. Why should it even leave your phone? Why should it be collected by someone when you don’t know what they’re going to do with it?” says Patrick Jackson, a former National Security Agency researcher who is chief technology officer for Disconnect.

Learn more.

Fake News

Fake social media accounts spread pro-Iran messages during U.S. midterms: FireEye (UK Reuters): A network of fake social media accounts impersonated political candidates and journalists to spread messages in support of Iran and against U.S. President Donald Trump around the 2018 congressional elections, cybersecurity firm FireEye.

Lee Foster, a researcher with FireEye, said he found some of the fake personas – often masquerading as American journalists – had successfully convinced several U.S. news outlets to publish letters to the editor, guest columns and blog posts.

Learn more.

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  • ABC to Air Prime Time Special on Effects of Screen Time, Social Media and Digital Technology
  • NBC Wall Street Journal Survey Shows Americans Souring on Social Media

ABC to Air Prime Time Special on Effects of Screen Time, Social Media and Digital Technology

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effects of screen time on children

Parents looking for some extra advice on how to control their child’s screen time or ideas on how to help their teenager navigate the social media landscape will be especially interested in a new ABC television event titled “ScreenTime: Diane Sawyer Reporting” that will air on May 3, 2019.  The television special will detail the impacts of screen time, social media and technology on children and families across America.

Here are some highlights of the upcoming ABC special:

  • Diane Sawyer and the team received messages from parents including a mom from the Midwest who said she felt so disconnected from her kids who were always on screens.
  • The show will provide examples of potential impact on babies and toddlers when parents are on their screens for only two minutes.
  • The report shows how job candidates who are distracted by their phones and how this behavior creates distrust in hiring managers.
  • There will a segment in games like Fortnite and Overwatch and impact on children.
  • A segment on the hidden psychological toll from this selfie habit.
  • A special interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Learn more about the ABC special by visiting ‘ScreenTime: Diane Sawyer Reporting’ Airs Friday, May 3 (8:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET) on ABC.


Choose to learn more about the effects of social media, screen time usage and the overall state of global digital tech from the Ennect archive. Here are a few examples of what can be found in the archives:

Enter Ennect Archives Here:


original photo: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash via Pablo by Buffer

NBC Wall Street Journal Survey Shows Americans Souring on Social Media

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online marketing software surveys

The folks at NBC News/Wall Street Journal polled 1,000 adults about their overall perception of social media in America. The results of the poll showed that a majority of Americans are not big fans of social media in general and have deep disdain towards powerhouse players Facebook and Twitter.

“If America was giving social media a Yelp review, a majority would give it zero stars,” – Micah Roberts, Public Opinion Strategies

Here are some stats from the NBC News Wall Street Journal social media poll:

  • 82 percent say social media sites do more to waste people’s time.
  • Six in 10 Americans say they don’t trust Facebook at all to protect their personal information.
  • 57 percent of Americans say they agree with the statement that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter do more to divide the country.
  • 55 percent believe social media does more to spread lies and falsehoods.
  • 61 percent think social media does more to spread unfair attacks and rumors against public figures and corporations.
  • Overall, 36 percent of adults view Facebook positively, while 33 percent see it negatively. And Twitter’s rating is 24 percent positive, 27 percent negative.

See the complete NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll results here.

Take The Ennect Emarketing Blog Social Media Survey
We’d really like to see what our Ennect users and The Emarketing Blog readers think about the current state of social media in U.S. We ask that you please participate in our quick Ennect online survey below and let us know how you feel.  We will publish the results and comments in an upcoming blog post.

online survey software

To learn more about Ennect’s easy-to-use, do-it-yourself online survey app, please visit

This Summer, The Journey Begins With Online Event Management

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online marketing software

The anticipation for that concert event of the year is growing and the excitement about attending a celebrity fitness expo in L.A. is at a crescendo, so the last thing that event-goers need is an event registration road block to hamper happiness. Event and tour professionals should remember that a person’s journey begins with event registration and it should be as easy as possible for them to sign up for event bliss.

Using online event management software can make online event registration easy for both event professionals and event attendees. Here is how Ennect online marketing software can help kick off that journey to event success:

  • Create a tech savvy and professional looking event website
  • Provide easy online event registration
  • Send email invitations, email confirmations and follow up event communications
  • Offer the ability for registrants to pay online for event admission and other merchandise
  • Event professionals get detailed attendee and financial reporting
  • And so much more

Learn more about how Ennect online marketing software can provide a smooth ride from event registration to event day.

Here are some top concerts and events for summer 2019

Burning Man 2019
August 25 – September 2, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

Woodstock 50
August 16-18, 2019 Watkins Glen, NY

Lollapalooza 2019
August 1-4, 2019 · Grant Park, Chicago

Get Ennect Registered Today!

Create Your Own March Madness With Online Sweepstakes

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March Madness With Online Sweepstakes

The 2019 NCAA Basketball tournament is a perfect opportunity for groups to get in on the “Madness” by using an online sweepstakes app to build brand excitement,  fund-raise,  create sales leads and grow contact lists. The Ennect Online Sweepstakes app is an inexpensive, easy-to-use marketing tool that should be a starting player on all sales and customer service teams.

Create Your Own 2019 March Madness Sweepstakes Challenge!
Ennect provides a hybrid sweepstakes and survey tool that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind online March Madness experience. Participants can prove their NCAA basketball mettle by entering the teams they think will win each round for a chance to win prizes and recognition. Sweepstakes owners can also conduct random drawings after each round of the tournament or whenever they like to enhance excitement and overall chances of winning.

Check out for a full schedule of 2019 tournament basketball games.

Learn more about how people are using Ennect Online Sweepstakes for research, fundraisers and many other events.

Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web!

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happy Birthday World Wide Web

Thanks to software engineer Tim Berners-Lee, 30 years ago this week the idea for world wide web was hatched. As a birthday gift to our readers we thought it would be cool to search the world wide web and see how the world is celebrating and what they are saying about this great tech milestone.  Enjoy!

Web@30: The 30-year anniversary of an invention that changed the world (CERN)
In March 1989, while working at CERN, Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote his first proposal for an internet-based hypertext system to link and access information across different computers. In November 1990, this “web of information nodes in which the user can browse at will” was formalised as a proposal, “WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project”, by Berners-Lee, together with a CERN colleague, Robert Cailliau. By Christmas that year, Berners-Lee had implemented key components, namely html, http and URL, and created the first Web server, browser and editor (WorldWideWeb).

At age 30, World Wide Web is ‘not the web we wanted’ (AP)
Speaking at a “Web@30” conference at CERN, Berners-Lee acknowledged that a sense among many who are already on the Web has become: “Whoops! The web is not the web we wanted in every respect.”

Google Doodle celebrates 30th birthday of the World Wide Web (CNET)|The web giant pays homage to the invention that made the company possible.

30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb? (

Today, 30 years on from my original proposal for an information management system, half the world is online. It’s a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come, but also an opportunity to reflect on how far we have yet to go. – Tim Berners-Lee

Happy birthday, World Wide Web! But its inventor says we have a long way to go (STUFF)
New Zealand website Stuff has written that yhe inventor of the World Wide Web knows his revolutionary innovation is coming of age, and doesn’t always like what he sees: state- sponsored hacking, online harassment, hate speech and misinformation among the ills of its “digital adolescence”.

Happy 30th birthday to the World Wide Web (
“Vague but exciting…”

Those are the now-classic handwritten words that appear on a document, dated March 1989, entitled “Information management: a proposal”. The document was composed by Tim Berners-Lee, who was then a little-known British physicist working as a computer scientist at the CERN particle-physics lab near Geneva.

Again, Happy 3oth Birthday to the world wide web and the world thanks you Tim!

Goodbye Google Plus

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Google Plus Shuts Down

On April 2, 2019, Google Plus will no longer be available to Google users as a social media platform.  Here is what Google’s decision to sunset G+ was based on:

“…while our engineering teams have put a lot of effort and dedication into building Google+ over the years, it has not achieved broad consumer or developer adoption, and has seen limited user interaction with apps.”

Here is the official Google announcement and a few important points of information for Google Plus users.

Official Google Announcement: Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019 (Google)

  • On April 2nd, your Google+ account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts.
  • February 4th, no new Google+ profiles, pages, communities or events can be created.
  • If you’re a Google+ Community owner or moderator, you may download and save your data for your Google+ Community.
  • If you’ve used Google+ for comments on your own or other sites, this feature will be removed from Blogger by February 4th and other sites by March 7th.
  • If you’re a G Suite customer, Google+ for your G Suite account should remain active.

Here are some top tech industry articles to give some in depth analysis and information on why and what the closure of Google Plus means to all of us.

  • Closure of Google+: everything you need to know (The Guardian)
  • Google is Shutting Down Google+, Admits Low Consumer Adoption (Search Engine Journal)
  • Google shutting down Google+ after exposing data of up to 500,000 users (CNET)

To learn more about social media marketing visit and check out a few of these Emarketing blog posts on social media tactics, news and updates:

Goodbye Google+… Thanks for the digital memories.

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