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A Brilliant Autumn Spectrum of Digital Marketing ideas, musings and inspirations from Elliance that will make you go AHA!

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Digital Marketing

Check out the latest burst of colorful blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.

A Blog About Blogging: A Cornerstone of Inbound Marketing Strategy
by Zahra Qureshi
Are you still debating whether blogging and content creation is beneficial for your business/higher education institution or not? Here are four reasons why blogging matters for inbound marketing strategy… – Aha!

Manufacturing Day 2016: Spotlight Organizations
by Kelly Wang
Manufacturing Day, an annual event held on the first Friday in October, “is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.” – Aha!

Welcome Back to Higher Education… Marketing
by Scott Kozelnik
It’s called Back to School, Welcome Week and New Student Orientation and it is a fall ritual at most higher education institutions. These fun-filled social events are an annual right for returning students and an initiation of sorts for incoming freshmen. – Aha! Higher Education Enrollment

Linkedin’s University and Company Pages Merge
by Amy Sicilia
In the past, universities have created both a Company Page and a University Page within Linkedin – mainly because each page offered different features and functionalities. Linkedin has been getting feedback, especially from higher education marketers, of this causing redundancy for admins and providing a confusing experience for Linkedin members. So to simplify this, they are merging the two pages into one combined Page. – Aha!

A Web of Insincerity
by R. Todd Erkel
A colleague of mine spoke a phrase several months ago that won’t stop ringing a clear and undeniable truth in my ear. After I showed him video from a flash mob brand launch, he said, “I hate that kind of fake energy.” – Aha!

Maximize your admissions potential with social
by Krystal Duke
College is expensive. The average cost of a four-year college degree in the United States is something like $31,374, per year. Which adds up to a whopping $125,498 by the time graduation rolls around. – Aha! Higher Education Social Media

CSS Grids Layouts are coming!
by Derek Palladino
This past June several Elliance team members had the pleasure of attending Web Design Day 2016. While many of the speakers presented interesting new ideas and techniques one seemed to stand out of the crowd for me, Jen Simmons’ ‘Revolutionize Your Page: Real Art Direction on the Web’. Her talk focused on upcoming web standards that will have great impact on how we design and develop web page layouts. – Aha!

Advanced Manufacturing Demands Advanced Marketing
by Craig Otto
Last week I toured the factory of a mid-sized OEM Manufacturer, and was blown away by what I saw. Robotic plasma cutters were going through huge 4-inch thick steel plates like hot knives through butter. – Aha!

Taking the Bland Out of Brand: Why Authenticity Matters in Higher Education Marketing
by Debbie Shiring
Stop what you’re doing and take a look around. How many brands do you see? Chances are that your morning coffee, handbag, phone, car and computer all have clear logos and identifiable brands – Aha!

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Get in that Monster Mash State of Mind with the Ennect Halloween Online Survey

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Halloween SurveysHalloween Week is here! So get in that Monster Mash mood with these top Halloween lists. From Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, be sure to let us know what your Halloween favorites are by taking the Ennect Halloween Survey and if you are daring enough try the Ennect Halloween Brand Challenge – make wise choices with the treats or impending Halloween tricks will definitely ensue.

Happy Halloween from Ennect!

Top 10 Halloween Candy (

  • Kit Kat
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Smarties
  • Starburst
  • Nerds
  • Twix
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Whoppers
  • Skittles
  • Tootsie Rolls

Best Halloween Movies for Kids (

  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Coraline
  • Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie
  • Harry Potter
  • Disney ‘s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Beetlejuice
  • Casper
  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Billboard’s Top Halloween Songs (

  • “Thriller” – Michael Jackson
  • “Demons” – Imagine Dragons
  • “Monster Mash” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers
  • “This Is Halloween” – Danny Elfman
  • “Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell
  • “Werewolves of London” – Warren Zevon
  • “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” – Blue Oyster Cult
  • “Halloween (Theme)” – John Carpenter
  • “Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • “Dragula” – Rob Zombie

What are your top Halloween picks? Take this short Ennect Halloween Survey and let us know!

The Easy Event Planner: Using a Do-it-yourself online event management and registration app for Halloween and Fall Events

Posted on | October 12, 2016 | No Comments

Easy Halloween Event Planner October is here and Halloween event planners are all a fright trying to plan the most fun, bizarre and spooky Halloween parties ever.  So this season, if you are the event planner for the all-important workplace Halloween costume party or church, school or other non-profit organization trick-or-treat extravaganza then you definitely need an online tool that will make the event management and registration process easy. With Ennect Event you may just be able to enjoy the actual event this year instead of worrying about pre-party logistics and administration.

Here is why Ennect Event Management Software is the easy event planners best friend:

  • Our convenient website builder automatically creates a branded website as you enter the event information.
  • Online registration portal makes it easy for your members, co-workers and parents to register for your event.
  • All it takes is a few clicks and everyone on your list can be notified by email about your upcoming Halloween event.
  • Save time and print name badges and your registration list online.

This Halloween season rely on Ennect Event Online Event Registration Software to help make your celebration the best one ever.

Digital Marketing Trends: Some Millennials Logging out of Social Media and Digital Lifestyle

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Millennial Digital Marketing Trends Millennial trends are the hot topic of many digital marketers these days. One emerging trend that digital marketers and social media gurus should keep an eye on is how some Millennials are shying away from certain types of social media and re-thinking the wireless lifestyle. It seems that the young are tiring of the social media pressures and opting out of “Keeping up with the Digital Joneses.”

Check out some of these industry articles, stats and Millennial testimonials on social media and technology that might cause digital marketers to re-adjust their game plans.

Does Quitting Social Media Make You Happier? Yes, Say Young People Doing It (The Guardian)

More Than 11 Million Young Folks Have Left Facebook Since 2011 (Time)

Smartphone Users Tired of the Digital Tether Are Trending Retro (The Emarketing Blog)

So Long Social Media: The Kids Are Opting Out of the Online Public Square (The Conversation)

Why Some Millennials Are Breaking Away from Smartphones (The Emarketing Blog)

How are some Millennials feeling about social media these days?  Check out these eye-opening testimonials:

Daisy, 23: I feel less anxious and less like a failure
Facebook made me feel anxious, depressed and like a failure. When I went online it seemed like everyone was in Australia or Thailand, and if they weren’t traveling they were getting engaged or landing great jobs. I felt like everyone was living the dream and I was still at home with my parents, with debt from my student loan hanging over me.
(The Guardian)

George Lincoln, 17: A lot of young people aren’t interested in Facebook any more
A lot of young people aren’t interested in Facebook any more – it’s become really overcrowded and other sites such as Snapchat are offering something new and exciting. (The Guardian)

Janie Litvin, 16: I just thought it was too much
If you’re a teenage girl, having an iPhone can be very stressful. You’ll turn away from your phone and you’ll come back five minutes later and you’ll have 200 messages and 10 Snapchats, and like 15 notifications on Facebook. And just– it’s a lot. I just thought it was too much. (CBS NEW YORK)

Ben, 21: I have a much more positive mindset now
I made a New Year resolution to cut down on my social media use. After doing this I started to ask, why am I using it at all? That’s why I’ve quit various platforms over the past year: Snapchat in November and Facebook in June. I’ve never really had WhatsApp or Twitter. I mainly used Facebook at university, for organizing events and meet-ups, but I’ve gradually started to realize how pervasive it is. I also feel uncomfortable with the amount of time I used to spend on it. (The Guardian)

Felicity Duncan, Assistant Professor of Digital Communication and Social Media at Cabrini College has an insightful take on the growing social media trend by saying, “The newest data increasingly support the idea that young people are actually transitioning out of using what we might term broadcast social media – like Facebook and Twitter – and switching instead to using narrowcast tools – like Messenger or Snapchat.”

What will those Millennials do next? Stay tuned digital marketing professionals!

Do-it-yourself Event Management Software for Fall Event and Festival Season

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Fall festival and autumn event season is upon us. Company sponsored hayrides and workplace outings, college football tailgates, harvest festivals and so much more are happening this time of year. So what are some of the top autumn events for Ennect Event do-it-yourself event management software users? Check out these events and see for yourself how users are harnessing the power, creativity and bandwidth of Ennect Event do-it-yourself event registration software.

SEAL-NSW Family Foundation Event
NSW 7th Annual Harvest Hoedown 2016

Do-it-yourself Event Management Software for Fall Event Season

Bring your already carved/decorated pumpkins for the pumpkin contest! And bring your costume for Trick-or-Treating

  • Trick-or-Treating
  • Contests
  • Food and Drinks
  • And so Much More!

Western Kentucky University
Parent and Family Weekend 2016

Do-it-yourself Event Software for Fall Event Season

WKU’s Parent & Family Weekend has become an annual event for our current students and their families.

President’s Festival on the Green
President Ransdell and his wife, Julie, invite you to join them for food, music and fellowship on the Downing Student Union South Lawn.

Football Game
Kickoff Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Houchens Industries-L.T. Smith Stadium
WKU Hilltoppers v. Houston Baptist Huskies

Grant Thornton
2016 Ryder Cup Outing

Do-it-yourself Event Management Registration Software

Hazeltine National Golf Club

Learn more about Ennect do-it-yourself marketing apps today and see how they can make your upcoming seasonal events a success.

Are Twitter Hashtags Polluting The Social Media Digital Beach?

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Too Many Twitter Hashtags

Social media giant Twitter seems to be in the news a lot these days. From reports of financial instability to the rumor of expanding character limits, Twitter just can’t stay out of the tech media’s crosshairs. The most recent scrutiny of Twitter comes from Ryan McCready at Venngage.  Ryan’s article claims that Twitter hashtags are worthless.  Venngage looked at a sample of 137,052 tweets over a one week period and concluded that hashtags are now corrupted by bots and spammers making the hashtag premise useless and sometimes harmful to business.  Kind of like hashtag trash polluting the social media digital beach.

Most of us social media jockeys who hang out in the twittersphere have all seen the good side of twitter and the engagement and traffic that a properly managed Twitter account with appropriate hashtags can bring. We have also seen the suspect tweets and Twitter accounts that Ryan mentions in his analysis – I like to call them super-inflated mutant accounts.  These accounts looks fake, they appear in places (hashtags) they really shouldn’t, followers are inflated and it just feels like there is no life behind these accounts.  These are the accounts that give Twitter a bad reputation and crush true social media interaction.

Now, whether Twitter is still a viable social media tool is in the eye of the beholder. If the social media platform gets you good results then it obviously works great and if not, then reassess and decide if you are wasting your time with Twitter.  Try and find another social media platform that will better deliver your message, there are many out there.  Check out this really good advice on how to run a a clean and successful social media strategy from Elliance.

Here are a few articles and blogs showcasing the good and bad of Twitter:

Here is the complete infographic from Venngage titled Why Twitter Hashtags are Worthless.

Hashtags pollute

Why Some Millennials Are Breaking Away from Smartphones

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retro Flip Phone

Digital fatigue continues its slow creep amongst the smartphone population and now has reached the Millenials. A recent article from CBS New York reports that’s some Millennials are ditching smartphones and starting to break retro towards flip phones.  One has to wonder if this is some new trendy retro movement among hipsters, kind of like sporting neon clothing of the 80’s or rebooting a Star Wars genre. Although neon Wham t-shirts are nostalgic and we all certainly miss Han Solo – but this time the answer is no, it’s not a cool hipster move,  it’s just because Millenials need a break from the smartphone chaos.

CBS New York interviewed 16-year-old Janie Litvin on the idea of digital fatigue and why she is going retro.  Here are some interesting quotes from the article:

“If you’re a teenage girl, having an iPhone can be very stressful. You’ll turn away from your phone and you’ll come back five minutes later and you’ll have 200 messages and 10 Snapchats, and like 15 notifications on Facebook. And just– it’s a lot. I just thought it was too much.”

“You’ll be in a room and people will be Snapchatting each other, they’ll be texting each other– from within the room.”

“It’s great not to have to respond to everything immediately, and to not have to be constantly present with your phone worrying that you’re going to miss something.”

Earlier this year Ennect Do-it-yourself Marketing Software published a blog titled Smartphone Users Tired of the Digital Tether Are Trending Retro and here are the reasons smartphone dropouts cited for their actions:

  • Expensive smartphones are easily broken
  • Constant recharging is tedious
  • A new, better version always follows a recent purchases
  • An abundance of stress of being part of the wired world

In 2015, 44 million basic dumb phones were sold. Growing alternatives to the current smartphone market are sprouting up just like flower bulbs in springtime and one of these is The Light Phone. The Light Phone’s message sums up this retro movement perfectly – “It’s not anti-technology, it’s just human.”

It will be interesting to see what actions digital and mobile marketers take to adapt to the weariness of the constant “ding” of notifications in the backdrop of life.

Don’t Overlook the Basics of Do-it-yourself Event Website Design

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Content Mountain

Most do-it-yourself event management software packages should have built in content management systems (CMS) and templates for you to follow when building your page.  Although most event registration software applications like Ennect are very easy to use and design, we thought we’d provide some of the most obvious items to have on your webpage.

Use Logo and Branding
Since your event webpage is a representation of your company be sure to include your logo and branding scheme. Most companies have a branding guideline or some documentation providing direction for logo and color usage.  If your company does not have any instruction on color or logo usage, just use common sense or contact your event management software rep for assistance and ideas.  You certainly don’t want clients landing on your event webpage that looks nothing like your main marketing website. Don’t cause confusion and elevated bounce rates.

A Mountain of Content Will Overwhelm
Prospective registrants should not have to climb “Mt. Content” to get to their registration destination.  Don’t over-saturate your main event page with tons of content for users to wade through.  Keep it simple and utilize other webpages for detailed content on venue, events, pricing and other important information.  Spread the event 411 around.

Working Contact Information
Pretty simple.  Provide an email address. Provide a phone number. Provide social media links (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  Not much can go wrong here except if the phone isn’t answered, the email not checked and the social media is out of date. Avoid registrant frustration and keep open and clean lines of communications.

Those three design points are a good start in building a great do-it-yourself event website.  For information on do-it-yourself event management, registration and design visit

After School Events Made Easy With Do-it-yourself Event Management Software

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Event Management

With a new school year fast approaching, teachers and parents are shifting gears from summer vacation to school day “Go” mode. The transition from summer camp and lazy pool days into morning drop-offs, school buses and after school events is a seasonal rite of passage for parents and children alike. Teachers are transitioning as well, from summer prep to upcoming classroom curriculum, coaching and after school events.

Easy-to-use After School Program Management
After school sports, arts and science programs, scouting and other learning programs are wonderful for student development. Teachers and school event managers need efficient do-it-yourself event registration software to make this year’s after-school program transition an easy one for parents and students alike.  The key to successfully getting students properly registered is to make it convenient for parents to do so.  After-school event management applications should include an online payment portal, event web page, email, name tag printing, roster reports and much more.

This year, make after school event management a little easier with Ennect Event.

Read more about successful event management for children:

Have a great school year!

A Summer Wave of Brilliant Digital Marketing ideas, musings and inspirations from Elliance that will make you go AHA!

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Digital Marketing

Check out the latest wave of blog posts from digital marketing agency Elliance.

Manufacturing is Dead…
by Bob Taylor
We are all tired of hearing that American manufacturing is dead. It would seem that manufacturing has found a way to adapt and overcome. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha!

Sports and Politics = Rocket Fuel for Higher Education Enrollment Marketing
by Scott Kozelnik
Sports and politics are ultimate flashpoint topics that will ignite any conversation hotter than combustible rocket fuel. So how does this apply to the higher education conversation? Read more about higher education enrollment marketing – Aha!
Higher Education Enrollment

Manufacturing Marketing – The Importance of Branding
by Kelly Wang
In a recent article, the National Association of Manufacturers reported on manufacturing statistics. Emphasized were the merits of pursuing a career in the industry. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha!

Manufacturing Marketing: Are you where your target audience is?
by Zahra Qureshi
When manufacturing companies make decisions on which marketing tactics to use, one thing to consider is the changing habits of their target audience. Read more about manufacturing marketing – Aha!
Manufacturing Marketing

Persuading Robots
by Craig Otto
Marketing is no longer just about persuading human beings. It’s also about persuading Google Bots. Read more about digital marketing – Aha!

Start Web Animations Early: A Study Guide
by Derek Palladino
During the development of a web site, the front end plays key roles throughout the process. Read more about website development – Aha!

Do emojis in email subject lines trigger spam filters?
by Krystal Duke
Do emojis really trigger spam filters? As a major emoji enthusiast, a connoisseur if you will, of the best way to emojify my conversations, I had to know. Read more about emojis and email marketing – Aha!
Email Marketing

Google Announces Expanded Paid Text Ads
by Amy Sicilia
With people relying on mobile more than ever – over half of the trillions of Google searches happen on mobile – Google recently announced changes to favor the mobile experience. Google Announces Expanded Paid Text Ads. Read more about Google advertising – Aha!

Not Just a Doorway
by Jordan Chepke
The architecture and design that goes into a website. Read more about website design – Aha!
website design

Plugging the Leaky Bucket
by Amir Mirza
When it comes to higher education and small and midsize business (SMB) lead harvesting, it is not uncommon to see many sub-domains working in tandem with main marketing websites to generate traffic and inquiries. Read more about lead harvesting – Aha!

Overcoming B2B content marketing challenges
by Meliha Zekovic
According to a recent Gallup report, 71 percent of B2B customers aren’t engaged. Meaning, they are readily willing to take their business elsewhere should an opportunity arise. Read more about B2B marketing – Aha!

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