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Instead of ‘Newsletters,’ Why Not Make Them ‘ME-letters?’

ME-letters?  Exactly. It’s an idea offered up by Nick Panayi, one of the other marketing experts at, in response to our question, “Why do we continue to call them NEWSletters?” You might recall that recently we wrote about a response from Ardath Albee, CEO and B2B marketing strategist at Marketing Interactions Inc. Nick Panayi Nick, founder and CEO of emorfie, a […]

eMarketers Take Note: There’s an app for that eReader too!

Ah, the end of year prognostications are coming… Expect to see more and more coverage about what 2010 will bring.  I just caught a nice piece in about Social Media predictions. One of the the sections is on the growing popularity of eReaders and says: “According to Sarah Rotman Epps and James McQuivey of […]

Does Web 2.0 Change Companies’ Ability to…Huh? They Said What?

There’s no ignoring the fact that Web 2.0 has raised the level of interaction with customers to new heights – allowing free-flowing feedback to emerge like never before.  But I wonder how well companies are adjusting to – and using – the font of wisdom customers are spewing forth. In an age where customers are […]

Winner of State Sandwich Survey…

The FlufferNutter never had a chance. Pennsylvanians — most of them admitedly from western PA – who took Ennect’s survey voted for their lunch time favorite.  And at more than 2-to-1, the hands down winner was…ta da…Primanti’s.                   Stay tuned for more surveys about your favorite topics… […]

Tech Survey Shows Impact of Social Media on Different Organizations

It’s been a week since the survey we did for Duquesne University’s Small Business Development Center, timed with its 4th Annual Pennsylvania Business Technology Conference.   While we reported on the general outcome of the survey previously (See “Ennect and Duquesne University’s Small Business Development Center Conduct Survey on PA Business Technology Use”), we wanted to […]

Cyber Monday Fun Survey: What should PA’s state sandwich be?

While you’re working up an appetite on Cyber Monday, consider this:  the Massachusetts legislature is debating making the FlufferNutter the official state sandwich.  FlufferNutter = marshmallow creme + peanut butter on white bread Seriously?  Apparently.  A bill was introduced earlier this year in the Massachusetts legislature to discuss the issue. So, help us decide what Pennsylvania’s official sandwich should […]

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Moves to Real-time Customer Surveys

Fairfax, Virginia’s Fairfax County Federal Credit Union (FCFCU) has upped the ante on traditional banking best practice for collecting customer feedback!  It’s moved from annual to real-time surveys using customer survey software from Ennect. Not only has the move to online surveys reduced cost, it has also helped the credit union increase the products and […]

Surveying for Product Insight

Surveys can be very useful tools for marketers looking for greater insight into how their customers – current, former, or prospective – think about or use their products. Depending on how they codify the survey questions, marketers may be able to see trends that help them stave off product obsolesce, or identifyfeatures or new services that help […]

How Surveys Create Perceptions…Or Not!

Surveys interest me.  One, because they are a mainstay of the marketing and public relations profession – or should be.  (Too often they’re not.)  Two, because there are online software tools available (including ours) that make creating and managing surveys and delivering survey reports so easy that there’s no excuse for marketers NOT to be using them. […]

There’s Spinning and Then, There’s SPINNING

Don’t know if you saw the story in yesterday’s New York Times entitled “Spinning the Web: PR in Silicon Valley.”  It describes how the new social media tools are changing the PR “dynamic.”  The link is here if you haven’t seen it: It’s well worth the read, but before you go there, consider this: […]

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