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Do-it-yourself Online Event Management and Digital Marketing Tips to Help Your Organization Succeed

Show some Tweet, Tweet Love on Social Media with Twitter’s New Bursting Heart Icon

In an online world populated by emojis, icons, acronyms, abbreviations and digital slang it is getting harder to decipher the lexicon of digital hieroglyphics. It’s like you need one of those secret Enigma code breaking machines from World War II to figure out what someone is trying to say and once you grasp the lingo […]

#hashtag your way to increased event traffic and registration

So that Do-it-yourself event management software worked really well. Your event is live and the event website looks great. So now you wait for registration traffic. Want to give your event registration a bit of a push? Try posting on social media. For a quick burst of attention try twitter and for bigger billboard posts […]

Fishing Tactics for the Twittersphere

As an avid fisherman I am fortunate that the Ennect Online Marketing Software office is located on the banks of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, PA. This summer, I decided to turn my work lunch hours into short fishing trips. It’s a nice break from the first four hours of the day and clears the […]

Obtaining Positive Event Registration Flux from Seeding the Social Media Ecosystem

So you’ve created your event registration landing page and sent out your email invitations using an uber-effective event management software. What’s next? Try creating some extra attention and positive event registration flux using social media. Seeding the social media ecosystem of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the myriad of other social sites that exist on the […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Oncoming Traffic!

Let’s say you have this big important event happening in the next few months and you’ve meticulously planned the details, booked the venue and are using online marketing software to manage the event registration. So now what? Well, you need oncoming web traffic to fill up your event! No, not the nasty New York City […]

Online Marketing Software or Basic Email To Keep Social Media Clicking?

Most businesses these days heavily invest in keeping their brand relevant within social media circles and it is no surprise that most emails are deluged with social media icons like Facebook or Twitter. It makes sense to include links in your emails directing your customers and clients to your social media websites but should you […]

Email or Social Media?

If you send out an e-newsletter, you might feel a bit behind the times.  After all, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ seem to get all the attention.  Should you abandon the email ship and start swimming in the sea of social media?  The answer is absolutely not!  There is no need for […]

Social Media Expands Awareness of Protective Security Council Event

When you think about ways of promoting a gathering of top level security professionals, using social media isn’t the first tool that comes to mind.  Unmarked direct mail. Late night phone calls. Encrypted email, maybe. But social media? Not on the list. Yet, that’s exactly what the Protective Security Council has turned to to attract […]

How Do You Emarket if You Need to Make HARD Change?

HARD Change! I’m not talking about philosophical or metaphysical change.  What I’m talking about is:  Does emarketing still work when your business requires you to make HARD change: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars? The answer is: of course it does.  But now there may be some additional emarketing tools in your arsenal besides email and online […]

Filter Survey Results for More Insights

Professional researchers know that they can uncover valuable insights from their survey efforts by drilling down into their results.  Without a lot of effort, you can too. It’s really not hard to gain more insights by looking at your results from different angles – for example, by different socio-economic groups, by industry, by geography, etc. […]

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