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Improving the Success Rate of Your New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year. Time to reflect upon the past year, relish success, ponder missed opportunities and make outrageous New Year’s resolutions that most likely won’t be kept.  According to, 48% of Americans usually make some sort of New Year’s resolution and get this; only 8% are successful in achieving their goals! […]

It’s Not Too Late to use Email Greetings to Spread Joy and Save the World

So the holiday crunch is here.  If you react with panic when you hear the jingle alarm bells because you forgot to send your annual company holiday greeting, don’t worry. You can send an environmentally friendly email greeting with just a click of a mouse. Yes we know, “Not a creature was stirring, not even […]

Are you answering the 5 Ws with your email marketing?

Every journalism student is taught to write stories that answer the 5 Ws: who, what, where, when and why? These Ws also answer the important questions your email readers have about your product or service. Follow our flowchart graphic to create the right emails that get to the right customers at the right time.  

The bridges of the Pittsburgh Marathon and other stats and facts

We love Pittsburgh. We love events. When the two intermingle, there’s a lot more to love. Below we’ve gathered some interesting facts and stats about this weekend’s Pittsburgh Marathon. Runners of the Pittsburgh Marathon will cross five different bridges. In order of the marathon route, they are: Birmingham Bridge Opened:  1977 Length: 1,662 ft. Crosses: […]

Uncle Kage explains Furries, Furrydom and Fursuits

Since 2006, Anthrocon has been held in Pittsburgh. A yearly event with attendance that is steadily increasing, Anthrocon is the world’s largest Furry convention, which saw over 5,500 attendees in 2013. So what’s a “Furry”? “One does not ‘become’ a Furry,” said Uncle Kage. “One is born with a fascination with animal characters; it is […]

5 Quick Tips: Email marketing

According to McKinsey Global, the average person dedicates 13 hours (28 percent) of their workweek to reading, deleting, sorting and sending emails. What if you could cut some of that time for your customers? Follow these 5 Quick Tips to cut the fat from your emails and become the e-marketing diamond in the inbox rough. […]

Don’t Hold The Bag Too Long – It Could Mean the Difference Between Good and Bad Business Karma!

So you made your sales pitch, had the right conversations and upon returning back to office from the most recent, hip industry trade show, you find yourself holding the bag. You know the bag, the one with all those business cards with email contacts. What do you do now? Well, recency is the friend of […]

Online Marketing Software or Basic Email To Keep Social Media Clicking?

Most businesses these days heavily invest in keeping their brand relevant within social media circles and it is no surprise that most emails are deluged with social media icons like Facebook or Twitter. It makes sense to include links in your emails directing your customers and clients to your social media websites but should you […]

Q – I have a third party payment gateway that I’ve used for a long time. Can I use this company with Ennect Event?

A. We understand that old habits are hard to break so while the answer is, yes you can, after reading what happened to one of our Ennect Event marketing software clients you might not want to! Our customer support staff received a frantic call from a client who was thrown into the frustrating scenario of […]

Is Email Going the Way of the Dinosaur? Industry Experts Think Not!

With the explosion of social media, texting as a second language and the deluge of smart phone apps out there – Is email still a viable workplace communication tool? According to Harvard Business Review – Yes, it is! A 2012 survey of 2,600 workers in the U.S., UK, and South Africa found that people are […]

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