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Facebook Reactions For Six of Your Expressive Digital Emotional Needs

Posted on | February 3, 2016 | No Comments

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is currently beta testing Reactions. What is Reactions? It is the tinkering of Facebook’s signature “like” button to enhance digital emotion. Social Media Marketing Facebook is adding a half dozen animated and colorful emojis that can express angry, sad, wow, haha, yay, and love. Facebook is hoping the new enhancements will allow users to better digitally express themselves with six relevant emojis instead of just a like and dislike option. Reactions is currently only available in Ireland, Spain, Chile, Japan, Portugal and the Philippines.

When explaining the spark behind Reactions, Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer said, “A universal vocabulary that lets people express emotion as they scroll through their feed. In a sense, Reactions is an adaptation of digital culture in Asia, where messaging apps such as Line and WeChat have already established a complex language of emojis and even more elaborate stickers.”

Read more about Facebook Reactions and how social media can enhance do-it-yourself event management, online marketing software and your overall digital footprint. Facebook Reactions

Is Your Password The Worst?

Posted on | January 27, 2016 | No Comments

If your password happens to be on SplashData’s list of Worst Passwords of 2015, it might be time to change it to something a bit more tougher to crack. Take a look and see if your password is at risk and one of the top 10 worst passwords of 2015:

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. 12345
  6. 123456789
  7. football
  8. 1234
  9. 1234567
  10. baseball

To see if your password made the top 25 list of really bad logins check here.

Password Security Are you secure?  Take a moment to review your personal and business account passwords and think about changing or enhancing them. Examine personal accounts like Facebook, Twitter and online banking platforms and then review any business related logins for things like do-it-yourself event management software, email marketing accounts, PC logins and other online programs.

It’s never too late to be safe. Here are a few simple ideas to help you protect your accounts:

  • Use passwords with a dozen or more characters
  • Mix up the types of characters in passwords by using numbers, letters and other characters (!,$,&)
  • Avoid password redundancy for multiple accounts
  • Use a password vault or manager program

If you need help with your work related passwords have a conversation with your systems administrator or if you are using a third party online software be sure to drop them a line to help you update account passwords.

Value Added Ad-ons For a True Do-it-yourself Event Management Experience

Posted on | January 19, 2016 | No Comments

Ad-ons for do-it-yourself event management software The most basic function of do-it-yourself event management software is to seamlessly and simply register attendees. The ability to correctly gather attendee information such as name, address and contact information is elementary and should be an afterthought. So what else should comprehensive online event management software do? Good question and the answer is add-on features. Add-on features provide event managers with the convenience to sell event items, accept donations, gather shirt sizes, obtain dinner options and much more through the online event registration website.

Savvy veteran Ennect User Kathy Stevens, the educational programming director for the Evolution Fitness Conference uniquely utilizes event add-ons for her annual health and fitness events. Kathy stated, “We needed an affordable solution that offered the ability to register attendees for an event with a multitude of options and add-ons. We also needed to track and control very specific detail on the backend, like maximum room limits and discount codes.”

Here are some ideas on how to use event add-ons:

  • Sell event merchandise such as golf shirts, sweatshirts and baseball hats and be able to collect size, color and quantity
  • Allow attendees to pre-register for off-site entertainment options like golf events, sight-seeing and concerts
  • Set up a donation platform
  • Capture meal selections
  • Up-sell registrations

Having event add-ons built into the event management platform also provides holistic event reporting which eliminates multiple spread sheets and tracking documents for all those extras. It’s all right there in the product and that’s why Ennect is a true do-it-yourself event management software.

Growing Up Twitter

Posted on | January 12, 2016 | No Comments

Twitter 10,000 characters Twitter is growing up. O.K., maybe a better way to put it is that Twitter is growing out. Beyond 140, which is what Twitter is calling it’s impending plan for expanding the character limit from 140 characters to 10,000 is getting all sorts of attention from traditional tweet heads to digital marketers. By expanding the characters, Twitter will try to capture a bigger share of online users and marketers who previously could not successfully use 140 twitter characters to make their point – more content should help them get their message across. Another idea being kicked around in the tech circles is that Twitter is trying to keep users playing in their social media backyard a little longer with more consumable content instead of having them head to link exits to find the rest of the story.

Here are a few things to ponder as Beyond 140 comes of age:

  • Will traditionalist embrace the new character expansion? After all, traditional tweeters believe that composing a short tweet is an art form, a unique way of expressing themselves within challenging constraints.
  • Will increasing the character limits of a tweet actually make it a bloated mini blog post?
  • How will more content on Twitter affect how digital marketers utilize tweets in their social media marketing arsenal?

Last year, Twitter’s evolution into a more exciting social media tool began with the unveiling of the Bursting Heart icon and marketing blitz of Twitter Moments, which used Pope Francis in their national commercial.  Let’s watch and see if the push to 10,000 characters has a prayer.

The Top Ten The Emarketing Blog Posts of 2015

Posted on | January 6, 2016 | No Comments

Happy New Year! In following the tradition of New Year’s “Top Ten” lists here are the Top Ten eMarketing Blog Posts of 2015! These blog posts were chosen for the list because you liked them the most! We took into consideration the amount of traffic and overall engagement for each post. Thank you for visiting and reading our weekly blog on topics ranging from do-it-yourself event management to social media practices to marketing tips and tricks. We appreciate your interest and keep clicking through in 2016.

Now without further ado, The Top Ten eMarketing Blog Posts of 2015!

Honorable Mention – An Ennect Tribute to former “Late Show” host David Letterman – Top Ten Reasons to Use Do-it-yourself Online Marketing Software
Here is our “Top Ten List” tribute to former “Late Show” host David Letterman who retired in May 2015. Letterman was famous for his unique brand of comedy, celebrity interviews and hilarious Top Ten List. Read more.

do-it-yourself online marketing software


#10 – Next Stop, the Client Experience Zone!
You are about to enter another dimension of business. A journey into a wondrous land of customer service. Next stop, the Client Experience Zone! Read more.

customer service


#9 – Awaken Your Creative Marketing Force with Digital Do-it-yourself Tools and Online Applications
Find a software or app that you are comfortable with and go forth and create. And remember the wise words that Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Read more.

Do-it-yourself marketing software


#8 – In The Marketing Game of Winner Takes All – Will You Bluff or Go All In?
Are you holding a marketing full-house? If so, push the chips and go all in as the chances of winning are high. Read more.

marketing software


#7 – Get Hooked on Event Management Software for Outdoor Activities this Spring
An efficient way for event planners to register volunteers for outdoor activities is with an easy-to-use online event registration application. Read more.

do-it-yourself event management


#6 – Use the “Wow” Factor in Online Marketing Campaigns When Fishing For Attention
Make sure the “Wow” factor is in play when creating email marketing, event management communications and online survey campaigns. Read more.
do-it-yourself marketing


#5 – Catching up on 50 Years of Father’s Day Events with Peanuts and Cracker Jack
Hey dads, did you know that Father’s Day was made official over 50 years after Mother’s Day? Read more.

Fathers Day Events


#4 – Google Provides Gmail Users with a Thor’s Hammer Solution for Conquering Spam and Unwanted Emails
Google recently gave Gmail users a Thor’s Hammer solution in the form of a powerful “Block” button to deal with unwanted emails and spam within their Gmail universe. Read more.

Email Spam


#3 – A Colorful Call to Action for Increased Event Registration
Did you know that with the right color combination you can influence more clicks? Read more.

Color marketing


#2 – This Time it’s Personal! Appropriate Salutations Increase Positive Email Metrics
Industry studies show that personalizing your emails greetings towards individuals will help elevate open and click-through rates. Read more.

email marketing


#1 -Herding Cats with Event Management Software
Getting that stampede of attendees into one location and registered into the right program and event slot takes true grit, talent and planning. Read more.

do-it-yourself event registration


Learn how Ennect do-it-yourself marketing software can help achieve your 2016 marketing goals at

In The Marketing Game of Winner Takes All – Will You Bluff or Go All In?

Posted on | December 29, 2015 | No Comments

Social Media
In the marketing game of winner takes all will you bluff or go all in? To answer that question you need to look at the cards in your hand? Are you holding a marketing full-house? If so, push the chips and go all in as the chances of winning are high. Now, if you are carrying a garbage hand and hoping to pick up a winner on the draw you either need to fold right away or bluff. Tempting fate by bluffing is probably not the most profitable option which means you need to work more on enhancing your marketing program and less on your poker face.

So, what is a marketing full house? A marketing full house happens when the hand you are dealt includes all of the following cards:

  • Do-it-yourself Event Management Software: Ennect Event is a web based do-it-yourself event registration software that empowers online registrations, custom event websites, email invitations, online payments, detailed reports and much more.
  • Do-it-yourself Email Marketing: Email Ennect Mail is an online marketing software that is depended upon to quickly create, launch and track email campaigns.
  • Do-it-yourself Online Surveys: Ennect Survey is an online marketing survey application that enables you to create online surveys quickly and analyze results fast.
  • Social Media: Enhance your marketing message by simultaneously broadcasting across social media channels. Link your social media accounts back to your published content for increased website traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked in are some of the top social media channels.
  • Blog: Get more visibility online, build SEO and increase brand awareness by publishing a blog. Publish relevant and interesting posts and be sure to include helpful tips and tricks and ideas that will capture an audience and keep them coming back.

To learn more about the cards in the marketing full house and the benefit of using online do-it-yourself marketing software visit

Good Luck!

Go Zero Waste this Holiday with Do-it-yourself Event Management and Email Greetings

Posted on | December 16, 2015 | No Comments

Happy Holidays from Ennect! With all of the office reveling and seasonal greetings happening during the holiday, it is hard to get motivated to clean it all up. No worries, here is a guide on how to go green and be environmentally responsible throughout the holiday season to ease the waste.

  • Use environmentally friendly and zero waste digital marketing software for your holiday email blasts.
  • Online do-it-yourself event management works great for for corporate holiday parties and non-profit holiday fundraisers.
  • Reuse holiday cards as next year’s gift tags.
  • Before recycling your Christmas tree remove all tinsel, garlands and other decorations.
  • Celebrate with Eco-Deco. Avoid streamers, balloons and other decorations designed for one-time use.

For more information on an eco-friendly celebration and green decorating tips visit and for a quick reference Eco-Holiday Guide click the banner below.

do-it-your event management software

Awaken Your Creative Marketing Force With Digital Do-it-yourself Tools and Online Applications

Posted on | December 9, 2015 | No Comments

Awaken Your Creative Marketing Force We are all about the do-it-yourself culture at Ennect Online Marketing Software. Are you looking for an easy to use do-it-yourself online event management and registration software? How about an online post-event survey tool that you can design, launch and analyze all on your own? Want a holistic Email tool with a simple interface to design and communicate all facets of your event? Or are you thinking about a DIY event sweepstakes and giveaways to help event registration? At Ennect, we provide the tools that empower digital do-it-yourselfers to harness the creative marketing force and succeed against the big marketing department empire.

So recently when looking to create a quick infographic of our own, we came across one of our online do-it-yourself Jedi brethren in Venngage. Venngage is an easy to use infographic builder that coaxes the creative out of you to build awesome infographics. We recently used the tool to create our do-it-yourself event management infographic titled Event Chaos Controlled! Check it out!

Do-it-yourself Online Event Management software

If you are new to infographics or just need some advice, Vennnage offers a ton of knowledge about design and color in A Quick Guide to Color Schemes for Infographics.

So in the world of digital do-it-yourself software there are a lot of great tools that can empower you to become a marketing department creative force of one. Find a software or app that you are comfortable with and go forth and create. And remember the wise words that Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Pre-game Prep for a Successful 2016 Conference and Event Slate

Posted on | December 2, 2015 | No Comments

Online Event Management You made it, the event calendar year end has arrived! So with all of the marketing prep and sales forecasting for the upcoming year, be sure to review your trade show and conference logistics as well. Whether you are attending off-site events or are creating with online do-it-yourself event management software, here are some industry tips to help you prepare for and succeed in 2016.

  • Review your trade show materials and exhibit booth to be sure it is all up-to-date with your company’s branding guideline.
  • Think about managing your hosted events with do-it-yourself event management software. Easily register attendees and provide an event website and landing pages for user orientation.
  • Analyze costs for shipping your containers in house vs. using a third party logistics vendor.
  • Event apps will rule the trade show floor. According to Vantage Advertising, foot-traffic technology is one such feature that may be regularly utilized at events to tell exhibitors and attendees where the most trade show action is taking place and points them in the right direction.
  • Include Lead Retrieval Software (LRS) at your event site. Have LRS loaded up on smartphones, iPads and tablets so visitors can voluntarily enter their contact information is efficient and convenient. And because having that bag full of business cards and entering them into your CRM just isn’t fun.
  • Ask attendees about their experiences and what they thought of your event with post event surveys. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

Good luck in 2016 and for more information on do-it-yourself marketing software and online event registration solutions visit

Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Football and Giving Thanks For Do-It-Yourself Marketing Software Users

Posted on | November 23, 2015 | No Comments

As the Thanksgiving week is upon us, we would like to reflect back on the year and give thanks for our good fortune and success. At Ennect, we would like to give a shout out to our awesome do-it-yourself event management software clients – Thanks! We appreciate the confidence that our customers place in our suite of online emarketing tools and wish for continued success in all of their do-it-yourself event marketing, multi-leveled customer surveys and easy-to-use email marketing campaigns.

Happy Thanksgiving and check out this infographic from comparing the first Thanksgiving to today’s celebrations.


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