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Successfully Knocking on the Door of Email Engagement

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ladder-to-success1 What do a Pennsylvania party linen rental company, a Florida citrus grove management firm and a Texas university have in common? They all use online email marketing software to successfully reach their target audience.

St. Edward’s is a private Catholic university of approximately 4,650 students located in Austin, Texas that uses email marketing to reach and recruit the millennial generation. Read their exciting email marketing recruitment success story.

Mosaic is a party linen rental company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have one of the largest, most unique inventories of tablecloths, overlays, and napkins in the country. Learn how Mosaic successfully utilizes Ennect for mass email communication campaigns.

Kahn Citrus Management helps Florida orange grove owners secure permits, install irrigation systems, create strategic planning and more. As a full-service company that provides grove development, caretaking and marketing expertise they use an online email application to keep top-of-mind awareness with their clients and prospects. Read more on how Kahn Citrus Management grows it’s client base using Ennect.

To obtain the coveted elevated email open rate and high prospect engagement like Mosaic, Kahn Citrus and St. Edward’s University try these email marketing tips.

  • The Subject Line: The door to your email message is the subject line. A popping and relevant subject line is the successful knock that will open the door to the rest of your content. A good subject line should contain no more than 30 to 50 characters. A bad, forceful or incoherent subject line is the easiest way to have your message relegated to the trash heap.
  • The From Address: Recipients are more likely to open emails from people or places they know or are familiar with. Use your brand, unique name for your newsletter or the title or position of someone at your organization.
  • Call to Action: Make sure that your call to action (COA) is near the top of your copy and in sight. Having recipients focus on the COA without effort and not hunting for it is the key. Also, repeating the call to action about three times throughout your content can’t hurt.
  • Sharpen for Mobile: Make sure your email is optimized for mobile devices. According to eMailmonday, mobile email accounts for 15 to 70% of email opens so far in 2015.

Read more online email marketing and event management success stories at

Event Management Software Keeps Users from Slipping a Priority Rung

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ladder-to-success1 When planning an event where do you start? Logistically it could be the toughest ladder to climb all year. Does picking a venue first outweigh creating an event website or landing page? Do you create and upload your attendee email list prior to picking keynote speakers or presenters? Well, if you want to accomplish all of these tasks and more without any of them slipping a priority rung you need a proven holistic event management tool for extra grip. Here are some case studies and great stories on how Ennect users successfully managed their events and conferences from initial communication to online registration payments to final reporting.

Los Angeles Fitness Conference Registration
When you are organizing an event in Los Angeles, with the hottest names in the fitness industry, it’s pretty obvious that demand from attendees will be strong. But, how do you register everyone without breaking the bank or driving yourself crazy? “The Ennect product is not only tons more affordable, but it makes your company looks super professional, not to mention it also saves trees!” Learn how to slim down the registration process.

Corporate Environmental Educational Seminars
Environmental water industry leader used Ennect marketing software to help municipalities, engineering firms and operators learn how to keep Americans and Canadians safe from life-threatening, water-borne diseases such as typhoid fever and cholera. “Ennect was the best and easiest way to communicate our program, know who signed up and retain the contact lists for future use.” Learn how to obtain event clarity.

Top Pennsylvania Technology Partnership Event
One of the longest-running technology-based economic development programs in the US hosts an annual event that brings together leading business and technical experts from around the nation to discuss strategy and other ways to strengthen regional economies. “If you have a high-end annual event and want to make credit card payment easy for guests without creating more work for yourself, Ennect Event is a good way to go.” Learn how to add credit to your event by making registration payments easier.

Non-Profit Eye Health Clinic Registration of Underprivileged Children
Charitable foundation provides free vision care and eyewear to underprivileged individuals in North America and developing countries around the world. Part of the Foundation’s State-side activity revolves around delivering free eye examinations to US school children. With Ennect Event, nonprofit event registration is made easy. Attendees can easily access information and details about the event ahead of time. Online registration saves time and removes the problems associated with onsite paperwork. “Using Ennect is a huge timesaver. It makes it much easier to pull quick reports.” Learn how to provide event focus with detailed reporting.

To learn more about Ennect Marketing Software and additional user case studies on event management and registration, email marketing and surveys visit

Celebrating Mom With Special Mother’s Day Events and Loving Accoutrement

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Mother's Day We’re all about event management here at Ennect.  So with Mother’s Day coming up we thought we would share a listing of popular Mother’s Day activities and events that Mom might like.  We’ve also added some fun facts about the holiday to honor Mom as well.  The creation of Mother’s day in the United States can be attributed to Grafton, West Virginia native, Anna Jarvis.  In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation asking Americans to give a public expression of reverence to mothers by celebrating Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is always observed on the second Sunday in May.

Popular Events and activities for Mother’s Day

  • Breakfast in Bed, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner
  • Massages, Manicures and Spa Treatments
  • Theater Performances
  • Family Walks
  • Trips to the Zoo
  • Have a “Mom’s Day Off”
  • Give Hugs

Mother’s Day Facts

  • Mother’s Day is the third-largest card-sending holiday in the United States, with 120 million cards exchanged annually. (Hallmark)
  • More people purchase fresh flowers and plants for Mother’s Day than for any other holiday except Christmas/Hanukkah. (CNN)
  • In the United States alone, around 122 million phone calls are made to moms on Mother’s Day. (OSR)
  • Common gifts include: cards, flowers, meals in restaurants, jewelry, gift cards, clothing, trips to a spa, books, CDs, housewares and even gardening tools (OSR)

Happy Mother’s Day from the Ennect Event Management and Marketing Software Team!

A Colorful Call to Action for Increased Event Registration

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A Colorful Call to Action for Increased Event Registration Event registration conversions should be an event manager’s top objective. When hosting an event website there are many industry proven ways to help trigger those registration call to action buttons. Writing intriguing and directive web copy, smart call to action button placement and the use of meaningful images can all contribute to successful conversions but did you know that with the right color combination you can influence more clicks? A study by Quicksprout concludes that people make a subconscious judgement for action within 90 seconds of viewing a product and 90% of those people base their action on color!

What colors will you use for your call-to-action?

  • Yellow: Optimistic and youthful and is often used to grab attention
  • Red: Creates a sense of urgency and energy used for clearance sales or last chances
  • Blue: Implies trust and security
  • Green: Associated with wealth and is the easiest color for the eyes to process
  • Orange: Aggressive and creates a call to action – consider using this for sign-ups
  • Black: Powerful and sleek
  • Purple: Soothing and calm

To learn more about online event management software visit and to read more on how colors affect decisions click here.

A Pledge for Sustainable Marketing and Events Management Practices On Earth Day

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Online Event Management Software for a Thriving Trade show and Conference LifestyleEarth day is held annually on April 22 and celebrates the importance of a clean and healthy environment through engagement in local and global sustainability efforts. One way of contributing to a more healthy office and corporate ecosystem would be to use a zero consumption practice like online marketing software in lieu of a heavy dependence on paper products. Kick off Earth Day 2015 by pledging to “green up” your event registration and marketing efforts by using a cost-effective and paperless online event management software.

In honor of the 45th anniversary of Earth Day here are some facts and ideas to help your office go “Go Green.”

  • The idea for Earth Day came from Gaylord Nelson, a former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, who after witnessing the ravages of a 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California sounded the call for environmental action. (
  • Organize an employee clean-up event to tidy up local playgrounds, fishing streams, bike trails and parks around your office
  • Host a garden party at your building to plant trees, flowers and other sustainable vegetation
  • Start a corporate or office recycling program for soda pop cans, paper and spent ink cartridges
  • Create an employee email blast for environmental alerts, notices, public announcements and local events
  • Use a water cooler or reusable containers at work instead of plastic bottled water

To begin your sustainable marketing pledge visit To learn more about the history of Earth Day and what you can do to help keep the planet healthy visit

Online Event Management Software for a Thriving Tradeshow and Conference Lifestyle

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Online Event Management Software for a Thriving Tradeshow and Conference LifestyleThe Convention Industry Council recently published a positive economic and attendance analysis of the event, convention and meeting industry. The study titled, “The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy” reports that the event, conference and meeting industry is healthy and thriving.  The report concluded that in 2012, 1.83 million meetings were held with 225 million participants and attendees. Check out these report highlights that lend credence to online event registration software, event management tool-kits and top-shelf support services.

  • Participant volume at meetings and events increased by 10% from 2009 to 2012
  • Meetings contribute more to the GDP than the air transportation, motion picture, sound recording, performing arts and the spectator sport industries
  • The majority of attendees traveled more than 50 miles to attend a meeting

Here are a few ideas on how online event registration software and management tool-kits can assist with every aspect of the event life-cycle.


  • Send email invitations & automate confirmations
  • Create online event registration
  • Receive online payments
  • Print branded badges
  • Cancel or substitute registrants

During the Event

  • Post event schedules online for attendees to access with smartphones and tablets
  • Display hotel and venue information
  • Track session attendance


  • Get detailed financial reporting
  • Create surveys and sweepstakes for post-event feedback
  • Simply re-create the event for years to come

To learn more about online event management software visit

Obtaining Positive Event Registration Flux from Seeding the Social Media Ecosystem

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Social Media for Event Registration So you’ve created your event registration landing page and sent out your email invitations using an uber-effective event management software. What’s next? Try creating some extra attention and positive event registration flux using social media. Seeding the social media ecosystem of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the myriad of other social sites that exist on the web can produce an additional positive harvest of engagement for your event website.

Check out these tips from Quicksprout on ways to seed your social media posts:

  • Asking followers for a vote in a survey or poll will increase the likelihood of them engaging your event site by 400%
  • Using images in your social posts could increase visits by 200%.
  • Posting a “top 10″ list will most likely increase social shares by %47.
  • Holding a contest for social media followers will most likely increase activity by %39.
  • Social media users are 21% more likely to click a link if asked a question.

To learn all of the unique ways our partners are using marketing software and social media for event management, email marketing, client surveys and more visit

American Politics and the State of the Email Marketing Union

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politics and email Technology and the email habits of politicians are once again at the forefront of our country’s political discourse.  First, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is accused of using a private email server in her home to send email marketing and donation campaigns on behalf of The Clinton Foundation while she was on the job as Secretary of State. On the opposite side of both the political and inbox spectrum is self-declared digital-free South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham on NBC’s Meet the Press said, “I don’t email. No, you can have every email I’ve ever sent. I’ve never sent one.” Don’t forget about tech-savvy IRS Director Lois Lerner who mysteriously deleted a significant amount of politically sensitive emails from her account just as congress was asking for them. To top it all off, former U.S Vice-President and “Father of the Internet” Al Gore is rumored to be testing the waters for a 2016 presidential run. As the back and forth political banter on how our elected officials misuse technology continues to be fodder for the nightly news shows, email marketers can rest assured that the American citizenry knows how to correctly use email. Here are some reassuring statistics from a recent Pew Research study on who is using email:

  • The most frequent email users are college graduates and those who earn more than $75,000 a year (Pew Research)
  • The least frequent users are high school dropouts and Americans who earn less than $30,000 (Pew Research)
  • 90% of the politicians give the other 10% a bad reputation. (Henry A. Kissinger – This wasn’t part of the study, we just thought it was great wisdom)

So for all of the small, medium and large-sized organizations out there across the fruited plains that use online marketing software for their email marketing campaigns and communications – The state of the email marketing union is strong!

Big League Success in Event Registration for Little League Non-Profits

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Event Registration Software For Marathon Events It’s impressive how multi-leveled non-profit organizations that cross international boundaries to reach millions successfully manage their missions especially with event registration. Think about it, these organizations need to be constantly in-sync from top-to-bottom with their marketing techniques, event registration practices and mass email communications, a big league feat for any non-profit organization. Speaking of the big leagues, check out these interesting stats on one really successful non-profit with a multi-leveled organizational structure – Little League Baseball.

  • There are more than 300 Little League baseball games played from June to mid-August every year. (
  • There are over 2.5 million baseball players in Little League worldwide. (
  • The Little League World Series is held every August in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and in 2014 had an attendance of 412,653. (PennLive)

Event registration of 2.5 million children is amazing by the way.

Little League Baseball is a four-tiered organization

Level One – The Local Little League
There are now more than 6,500 Little League programs in nearly 90 countries around the world.

Level Two – The District
A district is made up of about 10 to 20 leagues.

Level Three – The Region
In the United States there are Little League Directors located in 5 Regions:

  • Warner Robins, Georgia
  • San Bernardino, California
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Bristol, Connecticut
  • Waco, Texas

There are also 4 International Regions:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Poland

Level Four – The International HQ
Little League Baseball Headquarters are led by a President and a CEO.

Learn more about Little League baseball by visiting and to learn more about event registration software and online marketing applications for your business at

Get Hooked on Event Management Software for Outdoor Activities this Spring

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Event Registration Software For Marathon Events Winter has finally receded and thoughts now turn to warmer days and outdoor events. Now is the time of year when many groups organize clean-up events to tidy up local playgrounds, fishing streams, bike trails and parks from the mess that winter has left behind. Rallying volunteers for a weekend clean up event may take some hard convincing and that’s why event registration should be the easy part. An efficient way for event planners to register volunteers for outdoor activities is with an easy-to-use online event registration application like Ennect.

Case in point, opening day of the 2015 trout fishing season for several states is next month. In preparation, outdoor clubs and conservation groups can easily manage a lake, trail or stream clean up with Ennect online event registration software. Event planners can simply create a custom website landing page and direct members to visit the event page to register. If the event is an all-day affair, organizers can offer multiple time slots on the event website to accommodate volunteer preferences. Event planners can easily track and access detailed reporting on volunteer requests for hip-waders, gloves, tools and the all-important event tee-shirt through event management software add-on modules. Online event management software is also a great green alternative for organizations who are stewards of the environment looking for a complete online paperless solution for event registration.

Here are a some dates for the 2015 trout openers nationwide – Get your event organized!

  • Pennsylvania Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 18
  • Illinois Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 4
  • New Jersey Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 4
  • New York Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 1
  • Missouri Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 1
  • Connecticut Trout Opening Day – Saturday, April 11

Happy Fishing!

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